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We, the undersigned - the International Charitable Foundation (ICF) "Line of Life" represented by Klimenko G.P. and the administration of the sanatoriums "Borzhava", "Teplitsa" represented by… agreed to combine financial and technical resources to implement a program of rehabilitation of militaries and civilians affected by the hostilities.

The ICF, for its part, is responsible for the organization of transportation of civilians and militaries to the sanatoriums for the rehabilitation, as well as provision of the required funding throughout the year. ICF is supposed to cooperate with Khust local authorities.

The administration of “Borzhava” and “Teplytsia” sanatoriums is responsible for the provision of all services required for the rehabilitation of people as per the agreed list on the basis of partial prepayment of up to 30% of the total cost.

After the medical examination by your specialists we proceed with concluding an agreement for conducting the rehabilitation and specify the amount of money to be paid by ICF within three days.



ICF Director

Klimenko G.P.

Administration of “Borzhava” and “Teplytsia” sanatoriums






Local administration