ICF "Life Line" and job creation

ICF "Life Line" invites to the development and implementation of projects to create new jobs, international charitable foundations and all those who care about the problem in Ukraine. In our opinion, such an approach will have a real impact on the revival of destroyed areas and their return to life.

From everyone if possible - to everyone who is really in need

From everyone if possible - everyone Irresponsibility of politicians has led to the destruction and suffering of millions of compatriots in Ukraine, the death of thousands of people.


Ukraine today is a symbol of courage of Ukrainians in the war, on the other hand - a tragedy for residents who lost their homes, yards, property, farms, jobs.


According to OSCE observers, the destruction of some settlements in Ukraine accounts for up to 95% of all infrastructure.


Today, Ukraine has united the entire civilized world in the face of military aggression against Russia.


Every Ukrainian should take the best possible part in opposing the aggressor. In our opinion, the creation of the fund is a tool that will address the urgent needs of a large number of victims.


Together we will win!