International charity foundation "Line of life"

Irresponsibility of politicians led to destructions and sufferings of millions compatriots in the South-East of Ukraine, death of thousands of people.

The village of Shirokino (10 km from Mariupol) - one of symbols of courage of Ukrainians in hybrid war on the one hand, from other party-tragedy for the inhabitants who lost houses, farmsteads, property, subsidiary farms, work.

The initiative group of inhabitants of shirokinsky council made the decision on creation of ICF for the purpose of attraction of financial resources, including from abroad.

ICF"Line of life" is the charitable organization which carries out the activities for all directions provided by the law of Ukraine "About charity and the charitable organizations".

Main objective of ICF is assistance and support of legitimate interests of the benificiaries provided by the charter and also development of charity in public interests.

Tasks of fundat the first stage.

1.Rendering the real address help, injured in hybrid war.

2.To give hope to inhabitants tj believe in the forcesin possibility of revival of the village of Shirokino, settlement Berdyanskoe and others.

3.To lay the foundation on creation of workplaces in close cooperation with government bodies and business for the purpose of restoration of infrastructure of the destroyed territories.

The motto of ICF"Line of life"-from everyone by opportunities-each really needing.